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Reference: Moorburg Power Plant

Steam Power Plant

Characteristic Data:

Power output: 2 x approx. 800 MW
Throughput (steam): 2x575 kg/s


  • Bituminous coal

Type of cooling:         

  • Once-through cooling

Trial run:            

  • April 2012

Description of site:

Hamburg-Moorburg, Germany

Site characteristic:

  • The bituminous-coal-fired twin-unit Moorburg project for  Vattenfall Europe Generation AG & Co. KG was one of the first new construction projects for a bituminous-coal-fired power plant in Germany
  • Planning development is carried out by the subsidiary, Vattenfall Power Consult, parallel to the new construction project for a lignite-fired power plant located in Boxberg with a chronological offset of only a few months
  • Envi Con was the major engineering partner in the areas of layout and piping planning for the main building for the entire duration of the project, and was also responsible for additional engineering packages

Project description:

  • The twin unit was realized with a unit capacity of 820 MWel and a net efficiency of approx. 46%. Electric feed pumps, a nine-stage feed water preheater and new types of materials were used in the piping systems
  • The design and erection of the twin unit is to be achieved in the shortest possible time with optimized investment costs
  • the architectural plant concept is very ambitious; great value is placed on optimum integration of the plant into the setting of existing buildings
  • The design of the cooling system for the plant, using water from the Elbe River, is very sophisticated in order to keep environmental impacts to a minimum. It was also necessary, of course, to take protective measures against flooding into consideration

Scope of services:

  • Envi Con developed the concept and basic engineering for the layout planning of the turbine house, the flue gas path, the ID fan design and the FGD unit. Moreover, Envi Con was also contracted to optimize the cold end and to design the cooling water systems. The boundary conditions, requiring integration of the existing cooling water structures from the old facilities, proved to be a particular challenge. In addition to the documents required for approval, the technical tender documents were also completed. Envi Con participated in the contract award process after evaluation of the components.
  • This phase was followed by detailed engineering for the HP piping for the water-steam circuits, the MP/LP piping and the connection of district heat extraction in the turbine house. The layout planning for the turbine house and the structurally adjacent switchgear building, as well as subsequent construction planning, are further important sub-services our company provided. Of particular note is the detailed engineering for the cooling water system with regard to the approval requirements.
  • The most important major factor in all design processes is to ensure that quality requirements and deadlines are met.
  • The work will be completed after coordination of the suppliers on the construction site for the Moorburg power plant.



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Construction period

2005 to 2012

Main Service

- Concept and basic engineering for the layout planning
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