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Reference: Niederaussem Power Plant

Steam Power Plant

Characteristic Data:

Power output: 965 MW
Electrical efficiency: Lignite

Steam parameters:

  • Live steam pressure: 274 bar
  • Live steam temperature: 580 °C
  • Live steam mass flow: 730 kg/s

Type of cooling:

  • Natural draft wet cooling tower

Trial run:

  • September 2002

Description of site:

Bergheim-Niederaussem, Germany

  • Following completion of the renewal program in the newly-formed German states, Unit K in Niederaussem was the only new power plant construction project in Germany
  • We took care of all core areas of plant technology thereby, from the steam generator and steam turbine generator set  to the pumps, feed water pump turbine, preheating line and vessels
  • We also took over the process-engineering support of the system and unit automation, including the preparation of operating manuals, weeks-long training of operating personnel, and special topics within the scope of on-site commissioning

Project description:

  • The plant is considered to be one of the most up-to-date lignite-fired power plants in the world and holds a number of records: highest efficiency, tallest wet cooling tower (200 m), boiler with the highest rated thermal input, highest steam parameters (580 °C / 274 bar), lowest exhaust steam pressure (28 / 34 mbar), and six-stage LP and three-stage HP preheating
  • The design of the flue gas heat displacement system is quite sophisticated in its two-stage execution (conventional heating surfaces in the empty pass upstream of the air preheater for feed water heating and exhaust gas heat exchanger upstream of the FGD unit for combustion air preheating)
  • The level of automation is comprehensive thanks to the most up-to-date field bus technology. The start-up and shutdown processes as well as all load capability operating cases are automatic

Scope of services:

  • Technical project management support (ALSTOM Group)
  • Component tenders, procurement, coordination, supervision  of the water-steam circuit, such as steam generator and steam turbine generator set
  • Layout planning / isometrics / piping
  • Unit control, regulation and automation
  • Systems engineering with the preparation of operating manuals
  • Commissioning support, training of operating personnel

In 2004 we had overall responsibility for engineering the following as a follow-up order:

  • Static pressure maintenance for the main building heating circuit
  • Bypass lines for the live steam angle valves
  • Heat retention utilization system; steam generator soot-blower system (systems engineering, layout, component procurement, automation, commissioning)



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Construction period

2001 to 2005

Main Service

- Technical project management support
- Layout planning
- Commissioning support