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Reference: Smelting Gas Power Plant Double Block

Gas-Fired Power Plant

Characteristic Data:

Electric power output: 2 x ca. 95 MW
Electrical power plant net efficiency: ca. 65 %
Nominal flow rate: 2 x 70,3 kg/s

Steam parameters:

  • Process steam 13 bar: 2 x 16,6 kg/s
  • Process steam 6 bar: 2 x 13,8 kg/s
  • Live steam pressure: 160 bar
  • Live steam temperature: 567 °C
  • Hot reheat temperature: 567 °C

Cooling system:

  • Fan-wet cells radiator

Description of site:

Hanseatic City Bremen / Bremen / Germany

Site characteristics:

  • Industrial site for the steel manufacture
  • Industrial harbor on the periphery Hanseatic City Bremen


  • Integration of the new installation in the industrial site to cover the demand of electricity and process heat
  • Replacement for an old industrial power plant
  • Use of the available resource smelting gas
  • The project is currently on hold and construction was not started jet


  • Avoid  visible waste gas plume
  • Noise protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Water pollution prevention
  • Site integration

Scope of services:

  • Technical and economical Concept Engineering
  • Overall Design
  • Permit Engineering Services
  • Project Execution Planning
  • Procurement Planning
  • Schedule Planning
  • Construction Site Planning

Detailed scope per discipline:

Project Management:

  • Permit Engineering
  • Tender Management
  • Project Management
  • Concept Engineering
  • Black Start and Island Operation
  • Procurement support
  • Tender documents incl. specifications
  • Documentation
  • Scheduling
  • Cost planning and control
  • Quality control
  • Claim Management

Process Engineering included the Specification of:

  • Steam Generator incl. fuel system and burner
  • Steam turbine incl. condenser
  • Three HP preheater
  • Three LP preheater
  • Auxiliary HP and ND preheater
  • Feed water tank with deaerator
  • Feed water pumps, Cooling water pumps and condensate pumps
  • Cell cooling tower incl. water treatment
  • Condensate treatment plant
  • Desalination treatment plant

Layout and Piping Engineering:

  • Layout planning in 3D
  • Planning of all connecting pipes

Electrical and I&C Engineering:

  • Generator, Generator connection and circuit breaker
  • Generator transformer
  • 110kV underground cable to the 110kV switchgear
  • Auxiliary power supply incl. interruption-free power supply
  • Electrical protection and synchronization
  • Substations
  • Cable and cable tray planning
  • Full process control system
  • HMI planning

Civil Engineering:

  • Planning for machine house, substation building, workshops, storage, water treatment plant, administration building
  • Land development
  • Outside facilities



Rainer Teichgräber

Rainer Teichgräber

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Arcelor Mittal Bremen GmbH
Carl-Benz-Straße 30
28237 Bremen

Engagement period

from 2012 until 2014 (project on hold)

Main Services

- Overall design
- Conceptual Engineering
- Permit engineering services
- Project execution planning
- Procurement support