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HDD45-Extractio from the Combined Cycle Power Plants

Steam Conditioning Stations

Characteristic Data:

Steam reduction station:

Flow rate: 13,9 kg/s
Inlet temperature: 500 °C
Inlet pressure: 71 bar
Outlet temperature: 360 °C
Outlet pressure: 46 bar

Trial run:

  • August 2015

Description of site:

Leuna / Saxony / Germany

Site characteristics:

  • Industrial site for the chemical and petrochemical industry


  • Realization of a new 45-bar district heat steam pipeline
  • Integration in an existing power plant  


  • Noise protection
  • Site integration

Scope of services:

  • Conceptual Engineering with preliminary design
  • Basic Engineering
  • Project execution planning with detailed engineering
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Steel construction planning including static calculation
  • Procurement support
  • Construction management and supervision

Detailed scope per discipline:

Process Engineering:

  • Planning of the operation and safety concept for all existing and new steam reduction stations with the customer and notified body
  • Specification of the steam reduction stations and valves including data sheets
  • Clarification of the process interfaces
  • Preparation of the design documents for the notified body

Layout and Piping Engineering:

  • Layout and piping planning for the scope
  • Pipe dimensioning and static calculation
  • List management for pipes, valves and interfaces
  • Isometric drawings including BoQs
  • Hanger planning incl. workshop drawings
  • As-build documentation
  • Verification of existing isometric documents
  • Specifications and tender documents for piping, insulation, valves and hangers incl. clarification meetings
  • Clarifications with the notified body
  • Planning dismantling
  • Construction planning
  • Construction supervision

Electrical and I&C Engineering:

  • List management for Consumer, cable and instrument lists
  • Dimensioning of power supply
  • Planning dismantling
  • Specification and tender documents for the electrical and I&C lot incl. clarification meetings

Civil Engineering:

  • Object planning, planning and static calculations of the secondary steel structure
  • Load planning and anchor design
  • Verification of loads in the existing steel structure
  • Specification and tender documents for the civil lot incl. clarification meetings



Rainer Teichgräber

Rainer Teichgräber

Sales Director

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InfraLeuna GmbH
Am Haupttor, Bau 4310
06237 Leuna

Construction period

from 2014 until 2015

Main Services

- Conceptual Design  
- Project Execution Planning with Detailed Engineering
- Preparation of tender documents
- Steel construction planning
- Procurement
- Construction supervision