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Reference: Al-Qurayat Power Plant

Gas Turbine Power Plant

Characteristic Data:

Power output: 2 x approx. 80 MW
Fuel: crude oil, heating oil

Trial run: 2012

Description of site:

Al Qurayat, Saudi Arabia

Site characteristic:

  • desert
  • supply via road beside the existing power plant


  • fuel supply via road with tanker trucks

Planning basis:

  • plant expansion

Project description:

  • Expansion of the Al-Qurayat power plant consists of two units, each with a Siemens gas turbine with approx. 80 MW of electric power
  • Crude oil (Arabian light) serves as the main source of fuel
  • Crude oil is delivered via tanker truck and is stored in a newly-erected fuel depot (3 x 15,000 m3)
  • Crude oil treatment with special water and salt removal technology
  • Crude oil is treated with an inhibitor in order to prevent corrosion of the turbine blades through vanadium
  • Light heating oil from the fuel depot of the existing power plant units is used for start-up and shutdown of the gas turbines and in emergencies
  • A water treatment plant generates the water required for crude oil treatment, cooling water for the gas turbines and water for the sanitary facilities from saline groundwater

Scope of services:

  • EPCM
  • Conceptual engineering
  • Permit engineering services
  • Project execution planning
  • Tender support
  • Procurement support
  • Erection planning
  • Commissioning support



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Construction period

from 2010 to 2012

Main Service

- Project execution planning and general engineering
- Systems Engineering
- Detailed engineering of the piping systems