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References: TREA Leuna 1 & 2

Waste-To-Energy Plant

Characteristic Data:

Power Output: 2 x 20 MW
Thermal Output: 2 x 76 MW
Steam Generation: 2 x 90 t / h
Fuel: residential & Commercial waste

Steam parameters:

  • 40 bar / 400 °C

Type of cooling:

  •  Air-cooled condenser

End Trial run:

  • Line 1: 2005
  • Line 2: 2007

Description of site:

Leuna, Germany

Site characteristic:

  • Industrial zone near residential area
  • On grounds of InfraLeuna GmbH


  • Waste delivery and disposal via railway and street
  • Bailing

Planning basis:

  • redevelopment of a former heating Station
  • expansion of the recently-erected plant Line 1 and a second identical Line 2
  • bunker expansion for Line 2 during continuous operation of Line 1

Project Description:

  • When Line 1 of the TREA Leuna plant was erected it was originally one of the largest single-line power plants (195,000 t/a) in Germany. It was also unique in the country in that it was built according to the architect-engineer model, i.e., development was the responsibility of the owner, with Envi Con as the overall plant engineer and five individual lot suppliers
  • The plant was planned so that the boiler house and power building could be erected separately – spatially as well as chronologically
  • Live steam, at 40 bar and 400 °C, is conveyed via a pipe bridge to the power building
  • Water-steam circuit includes a single-casing condensing steam-extraction turbine with gearbox and synchronous Generator
  • Air-cooled condenser is located on the roof of the power building


Scope of Services:

  • General engineering and project management
  • Invitation to tender and specialist overall coordination of the five supplier lots
  • General layout planning and construction engineering
  • Site supervision and erection/assembly coordination
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Interface coordination
  • Time scheduling and monitoring



Rainer Teichgräber

Rainer Teichgräber

Sales Director

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MVV Energie AG
Otto-Hahn-Str. 1
68169 Mannheim

Construction Period

2002 to 2007

Main Services

─ General engineering
─ Project management
─ General layout planning
─ Construction engineering
─ Site supervision
─ Erection coordination

─ Owner´s Engineer (Line 1)
─ General Engineer (Line 2)