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Reference: Biomass Power Plant Mannheim

Biomass Power Plants, Renewable Energies, Solar

Characteristic Data:

Power Output: 20 MW
Fuel: Waste wood A1 to A4
Fuel throughput: 140.000 t / a
Type of cooling: air-cooled condenser 

Trial run:     

  • End 2003

Description of site:

Grounds of the EfW CHP Plant Mannheim, Germany

Site characteristic: 

  • Friesenheimer Island in Mannheim

Project description:

  • MVV RHE contracted Envi Con to carry out owner’s engineering for the entire project period checking and supporting the technical solutions of the general contractor up to and including erection and commissioning
  • Waste wood is burned on the steam generator grate by means of spreader feeding
  • Feedwater is superheated in four boiler passes and is conducted as live steam at 450 °C / 65 bar to the single-casing condenser steam turbine. This drives the generator through a gearbox
  • Exhaust steam is condensed by an air-cooled condenser beside the turbine house. For optimization of the fuel utilization rate, a portion of the steam is also fed into the process steam network available to the surrounding industrial enterprises
  • Nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas are separated using the SNCR process. A flue gas desulfurization unit deducts and filters the exhaust gases, in compliance with Article 17 of the Federal Emissions Control Act (BImSchV), which are then discharged into the atmosphere through an 80-meter-high stack


Scope of Services:

  • Process-based checking of all records and documents for the water-steam system that the general contractor (Kraftanlagen Anlagentechnik München) compiled for the plant
  • Technical consulting for the project segments water-steam circuit, electrical and I&C engineering, boiler system, HVAC and auxiliary systems
  • Representing the interests of the client in all aspects of systems engineering
  • Recalculation of the flue gas flow geometry of the boiler
  • Creation of the overall plant control concept
  • Monitoring of deadlines and processes
  • Checking and acceptance of the main components in the manufacturer’s factory and control of QA documentation (expediting)
  • On-site checking and release of the electrical and I&C scope of delivery




Rainer Teichgräber

Rainer Teichgräber

Sales Director

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MVV Energie AG
Otto-Hahn-Straße 1
68169 Mannheim

Construction period

- 2002 to 2003

Main Service

─ Process-based checking of all records
─ Technical consulting for the project segments
─ Creation of the overall plant control concept
─ Monitoring of deadlines and processes