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Reference: Bituminous Coal Twin-unit Power Plant Eemshaven

Steam Power Plant

Characteristic Data:

Power output: 2 x approx. 800 MW
Electrical efficiency: Approx. 47%
Fuel: Bituminous coal

Steam parameters:

  • Live steam pressure: 285 bar
  • Live steam temperature: 600 °C
  • Reheat steam: 610 °C

Type of cooling:   

  • Seawater once-through cooling (32m³/s)

Trial run:

  •  Unit A, March 2014
  •  Unit B, Sept. 2014

Description of site:

Eemshaven, The Netherlands

Site characteristic:

  • Coastal site; area with rural character
  • Concentration of power plant sites in the immediate vicinity
  • Raised grounds; supply and disposal via road and water possible


  • Enhanced environmental compliance due to close proximity of the Wadden Sea

Planning basis:

  • Greenfield, new construction; expansion of the port

Project description:

  • A distinctive characteristic of the Eemshaven power plant is its high net rate of efficiency, which reaches some 47% in rated operation. This results in a very good fuel utilization rate, which is reflected in the high level of C02 savings
  • At the same time the plant technology used allows high availability and the extremely variable operational capability of the units in base-load and medium-load range
  • The use of the most up-to-date technology for flue gas cleaning (denitrification and desulfurization units; electrostatic precipitators) ensures that the quality of the flue gases released into the atmosphere via the stack are well below the statutory requirements for air purity

Scope of services:

Envi Con took on the overall project as EPCM contract partner. Project management (superordinate):

  • Coordination of all engineering activities
  • Coordination of component transactions for some 75 individual project segments


  • Preliminary and detailed engineering
  • Preparation of permit documents and preliminary project execution planning
  • Project execution planning and overall design
  • Systems design and work in the areas of process engineering, component engineering, layout planning, construction engineering (civil and structural), electrical and I&C engineering
  • Development of technical and commercial concepts and feasibility studies
  • Framework time scheduling, property time scheduling, commissioning scheduling
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering for HP, MP and LP piping systems


  • Preparation of all tendering documents for all process-based, mechanical, electrical, I&C and construction-related components
  • Technical quotation comparison; support in award of contract talks
  • Construction management:
  • Construction site setup planning



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RWE Eemshaven Holding B.V.
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Construction period

- 2007 to 2014

Main Service

- Project management (superordinate)
- Coordination of all engineering activities
- Coordination of component transactions for some 75 individual project segments