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GKM Unit 9

Reference: GKM Unit 9

Steam Power Plant

Characteristic Data:

Power output: 911 MWel
Max. district heat generation: 500 MWth
Rated thermal input: 1,812 MW
Electrical efficiency: 46,4%
Fuel: Bituminous coal

Steam parameters:

  • Live steam pressure: 290 bar
  • Live steam temperature: 600 °C
  • Live steam mass flow: 663 kg/s

Type of cooling:

  • Discharge cooling with 10 wet-cell-type units

Trial run:

  • September / October 2014

Description of site:

Mannheim-Neckarau, directly on the Rhine, Germany

Site characteristic:

  • Power plant site directly on the Rhine, the area of which is very confined
  • Because of soil conditions of the Rhine plain the buildings  had to be designed with pilings to prevent too much settling


Direct proximity to an urban area with strict regulatory requirements for environmental protection has been stipulated for:

  • emissions / air quality control
  • noise emissions
  • dust formation
  • fish protection
  • water pollution control

Project description:

  • The steam turbines are designed as a five-casing series with six-pass exhaust, and have bleeds for the heating of district heating water via the preheater line especially conceived for it.
  • Flue gas is cleaned as follows:
  • Catalytic denitrification (SCR) with ammonia water
  • Dust separation in the electrostatic precipitator
  • Flue gas desulfurization unit (FGD) limestone gypsum
  • Wet scrubbing
  • Electric power is fed into the supply network via the existing  220 kV switchgear building

Scope of services:

General engineering with the following service phases (EPCM):

  • Preliminary engineering
  • Permit engineering services
  • Preliminary execution planning
  • Project execution planning and general engineering during construction

This includes the following subservices:

  • Systems design and work in the areas of process engineering, construction engineering, layout planning, electrical and I&C engineering
  • Coordination of all engineering activities
  • Development of technical and commercial concepts
  • Interface coordination of all project segments
  • Tendering coordination for approx. 56 lots, technical and commercial
  • Preparation of tenders / comparison of offers
  • Support in the lot-based award of contracts
  • Investment cost calculation for the overall plant
  • Preparation of the entire permit application
  • Structural planning for solid and steel construction
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering for HP, MP and LP piping systems
  • Overall scheduling
  • Construction site setup planning
  • Provision of main health and safety coordination on the site
  • Interface coordination on the construction site



Rainer Teichgräber

Rainer Teichgräber

Sales Director

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Großkraftwerk Mannheim  Aktiengesellschaft
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68199 Mannheim

Construction period

- 2007 to 2015

Main Service

- Preliminary engineering
- Permit engineering services
- Preliminary execution planning
- Project execution planning