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Reference: Khabat I/II Oil fired Steam Power Plant

Steam Power Plant

Characteristic Data:

Power output: 2 x approx. 150 MW
Electrical Efficiency: approx. 31 % with crude oil
Nominal steam rate: 2 x 145 kg / s

Steam parameters:

  • Live steam pressure: 169 bar
  • Nominal steam rate: 2 x 145 kg / s
  • Heat steam temperature: 548 °C

Type of cooling:

  • wet cell chiller

Trial run:

  • Block I: planned end of 2016
  • Block II: planned end of 2016

Description of site:

Khabat / Iraq (autonomous Kurdish Region)

Site characteristic:

  • rural, 30 km west of Arbil
  • 1,5 km distance to Great Zab River feeding river of Tigris


  • fuel supply by nearby refinery
  • water supply by pipeline from Great Zab River

Project description:

  • Ministry of Electricity (MoE, Kurdish Regional Government) builds 2 oil fired power units in Khabat/ Iraq, 30 km west of Arbil
  • Korean EPC Posco is awarded with the project. Posco itself subcontracted the Turkish EPC Gama as Main Subcontractor
  • Envi Con is awarded with basic and detailed Engineering for Balance of Plant systems. All disciplines are involved in the project (Mechanical, Piping, Civil, Electrical, I&C)

Scope of services:

  • Project Management
  • Schedule Planning
  • Systems design and detail engineering
    - Fuel supply system, including fuel oil tanks and pumps
    - Steam converter system for fuel heating
    - Auxiliary boiler and accessories
    - Ash handling system and ESP
    - Water supply and discharge system
    - Auxiliary pumps
    - Cooling tower and main cooling water pumps
    - Piping and auxiliaries
    - Valves and auxiliaries
    - Service and instrument air system
    - Black start diesel generator (only input for POSCO, basic and detailed design by POSCO)
    - Cranes and hoists
    - Chemical laboratory and equipment
    - Tanks and vessels
  • Civil and architectural planning
  • 3D Layout and Piping planning
  • Electrical Engineering
    - Preparation of plant overall Single Line Diagram
    - Review and comment on specifications and data sheets for electrical equipment from the VENDOR
    - Typicals for electrical systems (MV, LV, DC, transformers, etc.)
    - Engineering for cable trays
    - Grounding and lightning protection
    - Conceptual and detailed design for cathodic protection
    - Review of electrical design criteria
    - Specification for e-consumer lists, coordination of VENDORs
    - Basic design of the 132 kV substation
  • I&C Engineering
    - Coordination of the vendors to provide input for Client as the DCS supplier
    - Providing input for the DCS supplier in form of functional diagrams and system descriptions for the systems
    - Review of I&C design criteria
    - Specification for instrument lists, coordination of VENDORs
    - Coordination of interfaces to PLC system: Electrostatic precipitator, ash handling system, compressed air system, auxiliary boiler, water/waste water treatment system, chemical dosing system, sampling system, HVAC system, etc.



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Construction period

2013 to 2016

Main Service

- architectural engineering
- basic engineering
- detailed engineering